President Trump. Why the surprise??

Well I went to bed on Tuesday night here in the U.K with every political commentator on the BBC and our Commercial TV stations ITV and Sky all calling the election for Hillary Clinton. The polls said she had a 4 -6 point lead and in the battleground states she was ahead in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. The latter because the Hispanic vote which had come out early in Florida was expected to vote en masse for Hillary. It did not. Mainly due to Obama’s recent deal with Cuba which many felt to soon and too lenient.

I also understood that the  US networks were all set to call the election for Clinton at 10pm on the basis of exit polls. Then the results started to come in and a different picture emerged. There are echoes here of the 1948 election when a major US newspaper called the election for Thomas Dewey in its headline when Harry Truman clearly won.

Echoes of Brexit here.

So why were we all surprised both in the UK and over in the USA. the answer is simply The MEDIA. They are out of touch with the Public and did little to explore the real intentions of the voting public and what their concerns are. The same is true in the UK. The media over here has presented a negative view of the President elect. Apparently his approval rating over here is just 15%. Well part of that is down to the negative campaign and to some of the things he said about Women, Immigration and his opponent. You only had to listen to a popular  BBC political programme called Question Time when David Dimbleby the presenter found it hard to find a Trump supporter. If he did the cry went up “Shame”. Celebrities when interviewed here apologised. They were all for Hillary but she lost.

If we had an unbiased media and if the pollsters would have looked under the surface we should not have been surprised. It was the same both sides of the Pond. The media should look to change and just explore the facts and look under the surface. The Washington post to it’s credit reported favourably on a speech Trump gave a week before the Election on Strategy and policy. However they said whilst they supported what was said it was too late to effect the Election. How wrong they were.

America needed CHANGE and the ONLY candidate to offer that was Trump


That’s why he won and why our polls and Media did not see this coming I do not know.

Grey Moustache believes Trump has a great opportunity here with both Congress and Senate Republican to implement change. He will need to water down some of his outlandish statements and listen to his advisors.

Judge him by what he does not what he says.

He will I believe be tough on Immigration, Open on Foreign Policy, tough again on free trade deals, reduce taxes particularly to businesses whilst investing in American Infrastructure.

If he can achieve most of this his popularity will go stratospheric and he will walk the 2020 election. A lot of so called experts and current opponents of this man could look extremely silly to put it mildly. It’s really now all down to him how history will judge this presidency. Great or Negligent. I can’t see a middle way for this President.






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